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In June of 2002, Kyoshi Alan Dollar and the Black Belts of the Antioch Kenyukai Shubukan welcomed members and friends of the Uechi Ryu International Kenyukai Association to a week of rigorous training and fun in sunny Northern California. The formidable delegation of instructors from Okinawa, the island of Karate, were Masters Shinyu Gushi, Kiyohide Shinjo, Yoshimitsu Matsuzaki, and Nidan Yoshitzune Kugai,

U.S-born, Okinawan - trained Uechi masters were featured at this Koshukai as well. The legendary James Thompson and World Champion Rick Martin; all provided every attendee a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Participants from across the globe were treated to intense training sessions with the masters as well as several fun social events.


The Participants of Koshukai 2002

The Participants of Koshukai 2002

Koshukai: Intense research group


The term Koshukai was created in Okinawa in 1990 by Alan Dollar and Ric Martin. They sat in a tiny Okinawan dojo and asked for assistance in creating a name for the upcoming series of intense training camps they planned to conduct in California and Florida.


Koshu translates to deep research. Kai means group.


Koshukai has become known around the world as a gathering for intense karate study.

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