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An Okinawan entourage of more than twenty Master level instructors and tournament competitors came to the San Francisco Bay Area for the Golden Gate 1998 event. The largest and longest running Uechi ryu-only tournament outside Okinawa, The Golden Gate '98 Tournament and Training Seminars was open to all Traditional Okinawan Karate and Kobudo Styles. Shihan Alan Dollar and the Black Belts of the Antioch Kenyukai Shubukan welcomed all comers and enjoyed hosting this prestigious event.

Okinawan Kata

Competitors and spectators alike were fortunate to witness both Karate and Kobudo kata performed by the likes of such legendary martial artists as Seiko Toyama, Shinyu Gushi, Kiyohide Shinjo, and Alan Dollar 


Karate Kata

Master Seiko Toyama is pictured at left demonstrating Sanseiryu. Master Toyama is the last living student of Kanbun Uechi and was named 10th Dan, Hanshi Judan, by the Japanese Karate-do Federation

Other demonstrations included kata by George Mattson, James Thompson, and Rick Martin. Of particular note were the various demonstrations of Sanchin kata, the foundation of Uechi ryu, by Okinawan and Okinawan-trained American masters.


Rick Martin, former World Champion, demonstrated Sanchin kata with Kan, Okinawan jars. Sensei Martin showed how Sanchin kata can be used to train finger, hand, and torso muscles.

Sensei Dollar demonstrated another facet of Sanchin, that of Sanchin Kitei, with his Sensei, Kiyohide Shinjo. Sensei Shinjo systematically pummeled Dollar with full-strength blows to the arms, legs, abdomen, and back, demonstrating that a lifetime's practice of Sanchin kata results in effective body armor.


Kobudo Kata

After the rousing multinational processional, Sensei Dollar, incognito and under wraps at the time, started off the tournament with a demonstration of Bo kumite against multiple attackers. This was followed by intense competition where kata from several different Okinawan weapons systems were contested.

The weapons competition concluded with a seldom seen exhibition of a Eku (oar) kata expertly demonstrated by Master Shinyu Gushi.

Those that watched him perform kata could easily see how Okinawan fisherman adapted a simple tool for the purpose of lethal, effective, self-defense.



Both male and female contestants across several division participated in an intense session of sparring. Black Belts from around the world met in the ring and tested themselves against each other. Despite a very high level of intensity, no serious injuries occurred. This is yet another testament to the abilities of the competitors to control their substantial energies and to the level of mastery of their instructors.


2 by 2 across the forearm

Tomashiwari is the demonstration of the effectiveness of Iron Body Training and Sanchin Kitei. Wooden poles and boards and ceramic roof tiles are typically used in these demonstrations.

Seen at left, Sensei Dollar demonstrated his body armor by showing that wooden poles can be broken across his legs, shins, arms, and abdomen.



The Golden Gate 98 Tournament was the conclusion of a week's intense training at the hands of Okinawan and American masters.


NOTE: The official Golden Gate 98 video has excellent footage of Okinawan karate and kobudo. Such masters as Seiko Toyama, Kiyohide Shinjo, James Thompson, Alan Dollar, and Rick Martin perform Uechi Ryu kata. Shinyu Gushi perfroms an exciting Eku kata. Also featured are kobudo, karate, and kumite competitions.


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