History of Uechi Ryu Karate


Master Seiko Toyama

Seiko Toyama was born in 1928.

By the time he was five years old his family had moved to Wakayama, Japan. His father watched a training session at Kanbun Uechi's dojo and was so impressed with the strength and hardness of Uechi ryu that he put his son's karate training in Kanbun's hands.

Seiko Toyama and Seiyu Shinjo, who started training under Kanbun one year later, became friends for life.


Toyama-san spoke of being constantly slammed across the dojo. He recalled he was once hit with a shoken (one knuckle punch) in the middle of the forehead which knocked him unconscious. He says that, over fifty years later, he can still feel that shoken punch.


Seiko Toyama, now over seventy years of age, still teaches at his Zakimi dojo the Uechi ryu karate that he learned from Kanbun Uechi. He is the senior technical advisor for the Uechi Ryu Kenyukai association.

He is now Judan, 10th degree black belt.



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