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Delta Budo Kai - July 2008

The Delta Budo Kai, held in July 2008, was an intense training event taught by Master Shinyu Gushi and Master Alan Dollar. Master Gushi is a life long friend of the Kenyukai who trained under Seiyu Shinjo in Okinawa. He now resides in Southern California

The two day event was organized and hosted by the three northern California Kenyukai dojos, Okinawan Karate & Kobudo, The Bamboo Village, and Hillside Karate Kai. Participation was limited to members of Kenyukai North America and invited friends of the Kenyukai and included students and black belts from all over California and Arizona. The event was honored by the attendance of long time friends of the Kenyukai, Masters Joan Neide, Robert Vandervolgen and Dr. Don Uttenreither and their students.

In addition to solidifying the Kenyukai training methods the Budo Kai served as a reunion and spirit builder for seven dojos. Old friends shared many stories of our common past and instilled the Kenyukai spirit of strong training and family camaraderie in the newest members of the various dojos.

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