Children's Pedal Scooters

Vespa Look-Alike
Made in Germany circa 1960's. Purchased in Thailand. Original condition.
Made in Germany by the Puky children's riding toys company, which is still in buisness today. Circa 1950's. Chain drive, spoke rims, pneumatic tires. Original condition.
Made in Belgium circa 1950's. Chain drive, pneumatic tires. Original condition.
Vespa Kinderbaby
Made in England circa 1960's-1970. Plastic, original condition. Powered by a ratchet system by which pusing the pedals directly powers the rear wheel.
Made in France circa 1950's. Carousel ride patterned after the French Burnadette motor scooter. Purchased at the Novegro scooter swap meet, Italy. Restored.
Made in Germany circa 1950's by HWH, Heideman-works-Hanover. Purchased from the original owner who received it at Christmas in 1964 at four years old. Original condition.