Children's Pedal Scooters

Original Restored by AD
Made by Murray circa 1966. Chain drive with training wheels.
Young Lion 1960's Original Collection
Circa 1960's. Chain drive. Original condition.
Police Radar Patrol
Made by Murray circa 1958. Chain drive. This paint theme was followed by the Good Humor Ice Cream, Fire Patrol, Police Radio Patrol, Highway Patrol and Airport Service. Restored by AD.
Vespa With Trailer
Origin of scooter unknown. Chain drive. This version, built by AD, features real Vespa levers and floor strips. The headlight is a 1950ís chrome flashlight. The matching trailer was made from the back half of a Young Lion pedal scooter to match a real Vespa and Pav 40 trailer in the collection.
Best Vespa - San Francisco Classic
Push Scooters
Before and during the production of pedal scooters in the 1940's, 50's, and 60's, there were also push scooters. The yellow one is a "Kick and Go" made in Japan. It has a chain and ratchet drive system. Movement is achieved by repeadedly pushing back on the rear lever with one foot. All are in original condition.